Friday, February 02, 2007

Madrid In the Morning

We´ve made it to Madrid, where we´re madly researching tire sources before we head out to Sevilla to meet up with Amanda. We´ll probably cross paths with her earlier in the day when we go out to the airport and get the bus out of the long term parking and she´s switching planes on her flight. I imagine she´ll have an easier time getting to Seville than we will.
The bus is handling pretty well. It seems to be running a little more smoothly than before -- Thomas has been getting in shape with all the work it´s been doing.
We´re still looking for a source of tires. Huge thanks go to Kevin, Scott´s Dad, for doing the virtual legwork and searching for spares. It looks like shipping tires is going to be prohibitively expensive (no surprise). We´ll try again in Gibraltar and see if we have any better luck. Some of us also think that we might have better luck with tires in Africa itself, where they tend to drive more U.S. vehicles (from Aid work) and have older vehicles in operation. Anyway, tires are still the number one concern on the bus, closely followed by engine fluids, which is closely followed by the suspension, which is closely followed by...
Oh, yeah, we met up with Jenna and Ed2. I bet there´s a bunch of you who were worried about her. It worked out pretty well, although it was kind of a late night before we all got together. Then they were seven.
We´ve got a long drive ahead of us today, straight from Madrid to Sevilla. No big plans between here and there, but it will probably be late in the evening before we are there.
Wish us well.

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