Friday, February 02, 2007

Drive on the First

Pictures taken driving from Bilbao to Madrid, and some shots of the outside of the museum in Bilbao.
We added ¨Bikes for Africa¨to the side of the bus because we realized that observers have no idea what we´re doing or why we´re driving this eyesore around. Mike did a good job of making letters out of tape. Yes, we realize we´ll be in Africa in three days, but I think everyone gets the point.


Anonymous said...

Hi gang !

Jenna, good to hear you made contact with the team - check it out Jenna, I walked through how to blog with Mom, she actually left a post on the 1/31/07 entry - you left your lonley planet book at home

Happy trails


Deep said...

Hi Scott and the rest of the team.
I've only just found out what you are all up to. Sounds like a great adventure! All the best of luck.

I dont think I've ever mentioned this to you Scott, I lived in Banjul for a year in 2001-2002. It was a defining year in my life, and the experiences there were amazing.

Some of the most memorable experiences include:
1. Nights and evenings spent at Leybato Beach Bar (at the end of Pipeline Road, opposite Francisco's Hotel)...
2. Fantastic Afras - West African BBQ - at CocoriMbaye, a tiny road-side restaurant on the same street leading towards the Palma Rima hotel
3. Food at Franciscos hotel... a fantastic steak!
4. Food at (SEEING A THEME HERE?) Mama's (Fajara) - a bit of an expat hangout, but the food's good!
5. Looking for deals in Serrekunda market.
6. The nightlife... clubbing at its finest. There's a club in Serrekunda (close to the intersection of Kairaba Avenue and the main road leading up to Banjul) and it was amazing. Open air dance-floor! I cant remember the name for now... but as soon as I do...
7. Playing beach-rugby with some of my VSO and PeaceCorps friends on Friday evenings at Leybato Beach.
8. Albert Market in downtown Banjul. Go as far in as you possibly can, you get away from the tourist shops that way. Some great places for African music, handicrafts, and clothes!
9. Julbrew...
10. Julbrew!!!

There's many many many more, but I wont bore you with them. The best thing about the Gambia is the discovery!

I still have many friends there, and I'd be happy to put you all in touch.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

OOOH - i just realized my spelling error - I do know that lonely is NOT spelled lonley


Hi Jenna - hope you are having fun :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,
Jennas' uncle here, Glad to see everything is going as planned so far. Have fun, be in the moment and be careful. Looking forward to your accounts of the trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara and everyone,

It sounds like such an adventure so far; I can't wait to see the bus in person! I'll see what I can do about tires- let me know if there is anything else. Kara, I sent you an email with my phone number.

Kate in Casa

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna and gang!

Just heard about your wonderful adventure from your mom. Wishing all a safe journey. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!