Friday, February 02, 2007


San Sebastian is a great little city on the Northern coast of Spain. We had a fairly chaotic time driving through the town, and found ourselves in some pretty close quarters and tight turns, all the while getting some serious stares, smiles, waves and hoots from the commuters around us. the reaction to the bus, if we haven´t said so before, changed radically once we crossed the border. The Spanish, at least those in the Basque area, are much more expressive in their opinions. We´ve been getting a lot of honks, light flashes and arm pumping from cars passing us (They tend to drive much more aggressively than the French as well, so there´s lots of passing going on).
We made it to Bilbao in the morning. The Guggenheim museum is pretty amazing, both the structure and it´s contents. Definitely worth the stopover.
Drove about 400 Km from Bilbao to Madrid. Fairly mountainous travel, and snow everywhere throughout. Not the kind of traveling you want to do on a bus with no heat! I figured out around Bordeaux that there are two small holes near the pedals that blow air right on the driver´s feet. I´ve been wearing three pairs of socks and my boots, and my feet were still blocks of ice at the end of the day. We´re all looking forward to the warmer weather we expect in the South.

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