Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The article that started it all.
Here's the online version of the article that got Ed thinking about this adventure. Sounds like fun, huh?

Other links.

Links to other participants:

Here's a great video someone shot of their trip last year. Long, but it gives the viewer a good idea of what we're going to come across;


here's another video on you tube:

Other team web-site that have been discovered randomly on the net (while busy at work).

We had a good meeting with Scott and Kara last night. It appears that they're on board with the challenge. Nothing like more warm bodies to push when the going gets tough. I'm wondering where everyone's going to sit.

We also finally received the package from the organizers. Can't wait to watch the videos.

Just thought of more things that we'll need on the trip - shovels. camping gear. shovels. cooler. shovels.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Some web-site additions are in order.
We need a links page, to list all the other teams' sites and information.
Also, we need a sponsor section to highlight the generosity and consideration of those who are going to help us with our endeavor.

Another Sunday at the bus
I have a sinking feeling that yours truly will become the defacto scribe for this trip. My teammates don't seem to be able to find the time to post to the blog. I guess everyone needs a special task, and keeping the public moderately informed will be my cross to bear.
We met again at the bus on Sunday to continue with the "repairs". It's amazing how much can get done when you sit and stare long enough. It's all about visualization.
Actually, last week was by far the most productive of our meetings. A guy by the name of Karl, from Richmond, drove up and removed the lift from the rear of the bus. We didn't make much on that ebay transaction (the capitalism experiment hasn't been all that great for us), but we did end up with a grinder, and boy, has that come in handy. The only way to get some of the seats out of the bus was to grind off the bolt heads. That was fun.
So, two weeks ago - lift came out and we removed several of the seats from the rear of the bus. Now we've got a much lighter load, for better or worse.
The plan is to built out some benches/storage bins in the back in the near future.
Then the fun begins.
Yesterday, we measured for a roof rack - it appears that Mike's family is willing to put together a steel structure for the roof, which should prove to be invaluable during the trip. Tonight, we talk to Scott and Kara and confirm their plans for the trip.
The fund-raiser on Thursday quickly approaches.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Update the web-site
At least one thing was accomplished today... I was able to update our web-site , www. penitentyanks.com . Switched from using a wiki based application to some standard html pages. Helps with control of the look and feel, even if we lose some ability to add content. I imagine most updates will occur on the blog, anyway (and here's hoping something gets posted soon).

Actually. today was a pretty busy day. Lots of stuff done to the bus, and some plans on the itinerary hammered out, but I'll let someone else get in the mix to describe those things.