Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Good morning all,I have been visiting the PBC website, and a few things come to mind that we will need to deal with:

1. Personal Information Sheets
The suggestion is to have about 15 copies each as we might not get them back, and they are helpful at the borders. Apparently, you will need to fill out your occupation in French. Kara?
If not, http://babelfish.altavista.com/. Note: lumberjack might comeup as homicidal ax-wielding (tree) killer...don't you just love the literal translation?

2. Insurance for the bus
I had gotten a reasonable quote from Geico early in the summer, but seeing as I am not the registered owner, I don't believe that it applies any more, and it wasn't for a bus. Ed, have you investigated this? The insurance should be good for Europe AND Morocco, but not Mauri, Senegal, or the Gambia. 6 months was cheaper than 1 month if I remember correctly.

On the PBC website, there is something called 'Green Card Insurance', but this may be what it is called in the UK. "Green card insurance IS required for Europe, this also is validin Morocco, if you do not have a green card there is an insuranceman at the Moroccan border (15-20 quid)."

"Carnets are NOT required. Carnets are outlandishly (expensive And I) 'm not even sure you would need one even to drive as far as RSA, though itwould be a bummer to be turned back at the Ethiopian border. So anybody going that far usually has one." [quote from PBD website]

3. Vehicle log book.The V45 (log book) in the name of one of the drivers IS required. And,the recommendation in the PBC road book is to have a spare copy (that looks just like the original) in case it is confiscated...I mean accidentally misplaced. I don't know what a V45 log book is, but we need to get one. It couldbe this/something like this: http://www.logbooks.com/logbooks_pro.php?category_id=26&gclid=CL782uORjYkCFSRaSgod4TIC5g

I should have pumps, belts, and rims in hand Thursday evening....that Ed's just great..they're all great....but WHY are there so many Eds in my life these days?

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Scott said...

As a matter of priniciple and practice since I turned 16 and started filing tax returns...I always list my occupation as "shepherd" - which may work well for me in this case...