Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bon Voyage Bus Event

We're having a farewell to the bus/charity fundraising event next week. This will be the last time most people will have a chance to see the bus before it boards the boat and makes its slow and circuitous way to the starting line (and eventual finish line). Come by and check out our little engine that could, sign your name, buy a tshirt, and give to our charities! Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell everyone you were there.

Where: Duplex Diner, 2004 18th St.

When: Wednesday, December 20th, from 7:30 to 10 pm.

Who: The penitent yanks and you, and lots of other pretty people. Trust me, they'll be there.

Why: Because you love us, and we love you. Because you're just dying to see what this talk has been about. So you can personally laugh in all of our faces after your first hand appraisal of our conveyance. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because you've been dreaming of joining us on our adventure, and you want to make sure you can fit snugly lying down on the benches.

How: One foot in front of the other, baby. Slow and steady.

Donations: Yes, this is a fundraising event. We welcome and appreciate any donation you can give to our charities. We will have a donation box and/or table. We will take cash, checks, or any other liquid form of payment. There will be a way to accept credit cards on pledge forms, too.
Note that charitable donation tax receipts will only be available for sizeable donations and if specifically requested.

Bus: The bus will (hopefully) be parked outside of the diner during the event. You will have the opportunity to add your signature to the interior of the bus, take pictures with the old dame, or pretend that you're driving while someone takes your picture, just like the fair.
Contrary to all rumors, there will be no hot rodding in the bus up and down 18th street. There will also be no joy riding in the bus (at least not until later).

Diner: The Duplex Diner has been gracious enough to host this event and let all of our friends congregate in a single place for a fun filled evening. This is a regular service night for them, with the same great food and drink menu*. Tip the hard working people well for putting up with us.
* This means the only free drinks are the ones you're buying me.

RSVP: No official RSVP. Just show up, if you can. If you can't, then you're just SOL, aren't you? We'll probably have one more official function before we leave for our trip, sometime in mid to late January (the people farewell party), if that will work better for you.

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