Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Air conditioning, anyone?

So, we are beginning to make some serious headway in the parts department, largely (solely) courtesy of the helping hand and enthusiasm of one Ed Leandres. Ed, parts man extraordinaire, and currently camera shy, will be furnishing us with a fuel pump, a water pump, has located rims for Thomas(ina...aren't cars, and boats, supposed to be female?), and has been just amazing in his willingness to both educate me and assist the motley Penitent Yanks. He has focused his knowledge, skills, and efforts on determining just which things are critical for our journey in the motor vehicle department, and has taken the reins. I cannot thank him enough for his efforts, enthusiasm, and assistance at crunch time.

Considering that the only time Thomasina and I have bonded and had some alone time together has been to escape the wicked pen, or electronic recording device, of the menacing DC meter maids, I don't know the answer to the question he has posed: do we have air conditioning? Not that I believe we will need it, especially not in the Pyrenes....I think that at that point the wish will be that global warming were a little more blantantly obvious to the extent that nay-saying politicos couldn't conjure up a single speech writer to compose something about how the evidence is murky at best. But I digress. Do we have air conditioning?

I am attempting to gather all the accessories that will make Thomasina beautiful inside, under the hood where it counts, accessorize her in a suitable material buffer between frame and earth (or sand...she's a woman, she must love shoes, right?) and then make the journey to DC ASAP for her imminent departure....maybe even this weekend. After starting my Moroccan Arabic indoctrination last night, I have come to the conclusion that learning to repair a bus between now and February might just be a little bit easier than learning to tell someone in Moroccan Arabic that the bus is broken...kidding....kind of.

Positive news from my training session last night: The verb 'to have' is the same. Once I figure out the word for problem, and air conditioning, I will have two tools that may be indispensible: "I have air conditioning" and "I have a problem." I will try to forget how to say the things that the "Making Out in Arabic" book taught me last week, honest...although some of that stuff might really come in handy. Eddie...I think it best you never see this book , as you bartering skills would be infinitely enhanced, and your kung-fu would be too powerful for me.

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Jay said...

No air-conditioning. Many windows, though. And we disengaged the buzzer on the emergency doors, so we can drive with those open. What more do you want?