Monday, March 05, 2007

More pictures, please

Okay, my little droogies. I've taken some of my meager pictures and put them up on the flickr site. You should notice that the picture badge (that thing on the right hand menu bar with the changing pictures) has lots of new stuff.
Being the geekishly interested person that I am, I've also tried to geocode the pictures that I have. Check out this link, and tell me if it works. It should give you a fun little interface that links pictures to maps. Some of the pictures are well referenced on the map (they are where they should be). Others are more generally placed in the general area where they were taken. You figure out which are which.
If that doesn't work, I've shared the set, so you should be able to navigate to:
and see all the pictures. I think there's a link to the map section from there, as well.
Alternatively, you can navigate to the, and search for all pictures with the "penitent yanks" tag.
If that doesn't work, we'll have to do it the old fashioned way -- you'll have to come over to the house, and endure a tedious slide show. Oh boy!
I can't wait until Mike is ready to debut the 5 gigs of pictures he took!
happy surfing.

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