Friday, March 02, 2007

Dragin Run

I just found this - - online after looking through video footage from Marrakech and being reminded of our last day there.

While we were getting our new tires put on, an American couple pulled up on a beautiful BMW motorcycle with a side car. The gentleman said, "You must be the Americans who are looking for tires!". Apparently he had run across other PBC teams at the Marrakech campsite and they had told him our story...

Well their story makes ours look like a trip out of the house to the grocery store. Jack and Janet, both retirees, are currently travelling by motorcyle from China to Mexico. We ran into them seven months into their trip. They met the Dalai Lama in Tibet, travelled through Russia, the Middle East, and were spending time in Morocco before heading to Europe, then transiting over to Canada for a trip to Mexico, by way of Alaska!

Check out their site here, where we got a mention and a picture. I also interviewed Jack in the brief time we had together.

Good luck to you guys and travel safe!!!

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