Monday, February 05, 2007

Tarifa - These people are just as crazy as us!!

From Cadiz, we drove to Tarifa - a beautiful town famed for its surfing and kite surfing. Eddy was in heaven! Most importantly, it was the first meeting point for the entire Plmouth-Banjul Challenge. Before we got off the bus at the hotel we sensed something...familiar. Ah yes, it was the assortment of crazy looking vehicles with stickers and paint all over them. That night we started to meet the rest of the teams and hear their stories - their cars, their backgrounds, and why they were doing this crazy challenge. We were amazed at the age range of the participants. On one hand, we met Mike and Pete, eighteen and nineteen, respectively. Everyone´s first question was - YOUR PARENTS ARE LETTING YOU DO THIS?! Cheers to them! We also met the Recycled Teenagers team - a group of retirees with very young hearts. A great time was had by all, and we looked forward to NOT having to get on the road in the morning...

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