Monday, February 05, 2007

Fiesta en el bus!!!

The bus has a magical quality - it defintely draws attention on the road, but even our fellow PBCers loved it. So, why not have a party on the bus? Sunday night, while our fellow Americans were watching the Superbowl, we had a great time fraternizing with the rest of teams - Brits, Portuguese, Belgians, and so far, the only Americans in site - The Penitent Yanks. Scott was even made an honorary British citizen by Trevor and Jonas. The one thing everyone expressed was the desire to help make sure our little bus makes it to the Gambia.

Mike here now . . . .blogging with Scott and preparing photos for uploads. Many of the other teams expressed their excitement about our vehicle as it embodies the spirit of the race. Many of the vehicles in the past challenges were newer vehicles and the PBC coordinator was fruastrated with the lack of "unconventional" road machines. Our arrival turned spirits and reignited the passion for many on this challenge- more to come!

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