Monday, January 22, 2007

Random SMS posts from other challengers

The PDC group have set up a way for team members to post SMS (text messages) to a group list, called the "SMS Field Reports". I doubt that we'll have a phone to use to post to this service, but you never know. If we did text to this service, you would be able to read our messages at, but we're not texting. At least, not that I know of.

Anyway, here are some random texts from the service (from other teams) to give you an idea what is going on:

· stayed in great campsite 27'27.70N 13'03.10W if you see red Dakar vehicle
in carpark on google earth. It belonged to someone else.

· Gaargh. No minibar. What is this; the 3rd world?

· drove wrong way today only realising when another team came towards us.
near laayoune on coast. expected tropical beach got windy cliffs
· nowhere appears to be safe from the relentless attention of the sand.
Camera lenses & teeth seem particular targets. And everything else.

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Scott said...

this bodes well for my camera!