Monday, January 22, 2007

Comment Box = Your Comment

There's a little area, down on the right hand side of the browser window, where we have all sorts of interesting information about the team and stuff. If you peruse those interesting tidbits, you'll notice that there's a comment box section. It's there for a reason, my friend. It's there because we want to hear from you.
Not to toot our own horns, at least not too loudly, but we'd like our loved ones, and our friends, to take an interest in what we're doing. We want people to take a voyeuristic interest in what we're doing, where we're going, and what we're thinking about. We want people to check in on us, and more than once. The thing is, we can't tell if you have stopped by if you don't leave us a little note, or comment, or thought, or suggestion. This is meant to be, however hackneyed and one-sided, to be a conversation of some sort. There's supposed to be some give and take.
So, if you love us, leave us a note. Tell us what you're thinking. If you hate us, do the same. If you just think we're plain crazy -- well, we knew that already.
Come on, it's starting to feel lonely in here.

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