Thursday, December 07, 2006

We know who you are...

Just a note for everyone on this unseasonable warm December morning (fingers crossed that this will hold out for another weekend of dazzling carpentry and bus upgrades). A friend and expert blogger, Arjewtino, (, otherwise known as a "blogspert", got us set up with a sitemeter. Not only will this measure the amount of traffic our blog is getting, but tell us where the hits are coming from.

As of this morning (two days into using the sitemeter) most of our hits are from obvious areas (Providence - Jenna, LA - Barton, and DC - the rest of us), but we've had a hit from Vienna and Chile....interesting...I can only assume these are other teams checking in on the site, or random worldly sadists who want to see what happens when a bunch of mechanically uninclined people try to drive a school bus through the Sahara.

I will report occasionally on the traffic, if for anything, to know that people are actually looking at the blog.

We we will also be linked to within the week. They are a Washington area blog reporting website. They see our posts and will post anything they see of interest for all the other area blogs. Thanks to them! It's a fascinating world of cross-referenced digital information out there I tell you!

So if anyone is reading this, via DCBlogs, or otherwise, thanks and please consider donating to the project - no matter how small - whether financially, or with expertise/service/sage advice/spreading the word - while this trip is going to be a lot of fun, ultimately the goal is to raise as much money as possible for a host of worthy causes...not to mention making sure our bus makes it all the way to the Gambia so it can be donated as well.

Press on!


Jay said...

I'm betting that the link from vienna is these guys:
who are also the guys who set up the trackat site (I'm still not devoting enough time to trying to figure out how that works). Maybe I'll have some time this week(end) to mess around with our site and google maps.
Good job with the interpolinating, Scott. You'll be a blogging maniac in no time, spewing your content all over poor, unsuspecting browsers everywhere.
Speaking of which, where's our videoblog?

Jay said...

It could also be this entry:
That I posted a while ago. We should maintain this list of other groups who engaged in the challenge with us. If you come across any other web-sites of fellow teams, please update the posting.