Friday, December 08, 2006

Just when you thought you were cool...

I had been thinking that our blog was pretty hip and happening, and we'd joined the ranks of hipster kids, blogging their little hearts out while sipping lattes in cafes all over town. We've got posts. We've got sidebar links to other stuff. We've even got images in some of our posts and a frigging entry that I made from my phone! What more could there be?
Then, I did was the kids do these days, and linked through to the blog site Scott mentions in his post, By the way, Scott: you're supposed to "link" the link. Cross-pollination's the name of the game in this brave new world. Like candy to a wee one, linking makes 'em all happy and bouncy. Not only that, but, as a society, we're steadily progressing towards utter sloth and nobody wants to type in a URL when they could just as easily click on a link. Now you know.
Whatever. The point is that I was wrong. Dead wrong. There's all sorts of newer and cooler stuff that we should have on our blog. Like flikr picture murals with moving pictures. And more counters. And slideshows in our blog entries. I hear you can even get movies to play within your blog or something.
Where did all this stuff come from? How did I get so behind the times? I remember the old days (yes, I'm riffing off the blog that I linked to) when you had to create a web page from scratch if you were interested in posting your personal thoughts on the internet. You had to write stuff up in a text file, save it, find your favorite site, steal their html code (god, remember how much fun tables were?), plop your text into the appropriate tags, and then upload the whole file onto your geocities space. That was work, let me tell you. Links would fail. Indexes had to be manually updated. And you had to keep loading those creepy midi songs onto your site to keep people interested. What was that, a whole 2 years ago?
Again, whatever. The real point is that we've got to get cracking if we want to impress anyone with our accomplishments. We need more pizzazz and flair. More bright shiny things. Drive 4000 miles in a rust bucket? Sure, that might be interesting to mom and dad back home, but post some pictures of Mr. Missing-Some-Teeth Ed, with his head in the engine and his pants hanging down, and we'll get everyone's attention.

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