Friday, February 09, 2007

The wheels on the bus make us go

We have devoted an incredible amount of energy..we have gone round and find tires and tire accessories. Today, Ed, Mike, and I walked aound trying to find a tire iron....because the one we have DOES NOT FIT our tires. The three of us purchased what we thought would work; returned to the bus in our premature glee with a brand new tire key... which did not fit either. I left Eddie and Mike throwing a frisbee on the beach whilst I marched back to the shop for a refund!!!or at least, and more optimistically, an exchange. After Khaled, Kate, and Rashid had exerted so much effort, add to the list now Mustafa and Baub. These two drove me around the entire town, and half jokingly suggested Marrakech. We visited every shop that might have an appropriately sized tire iron, or a reasonable no avail. In the end, after a cup of tea; we came upôn the idea to use a bigger iron size, equipped with spqcers to fill in the gaps. This is our makeshift tool..until we get a flat, or get to the Gambia, whichever comes first...pray for us qnd the Gambia first!!!

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