Thursday, February 08, 2007


A quick note as the internet connection here is slow....we are the proud owners of three new tires. Like guardian road angels, friends of Farahs, Kate and Rashid, who live in Casablanca found us three brand new tires. They were put on this morning and we are off to Essaouira soon. Much relief, more to come with faster internet and less wacky keyboard configuration...


Anonymous said...

Yahoo for fresh tires. Vulcan must have been listening to my prayer. I feel much better knowing that you are rolling on new tires.

Happy trails !

Lynn, Tom and Kyle

CAMACHO Arnaud said...

I'm Arnaud the french guy in casablanca who tried to translate english to french. I was so bad. I will continue to watch PB & Desperate Housewives in order to be better the next time.
I sax your blog & Ur journey description & i think it's a very good idea U got.
I'm very happy to you to know you found tires for Ur "old" bus.
How will you do to back to USA? you go back although Casablanca??? I will very happy to see U again & know U more.

See u later and good luck