Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rocking the Casbah

I'm pretty sure that there are several of us, all updating the blog at the same time from different internet cafes, so i'll be brief. We made it to Marrakech with little problems. Spent the better part of a day in casablanca, looking for tires, to no avail.
roads are deterioriating slowly the further south we go. Interstate toll road to casablanca; 2 laner blacktop after that. Only encounter western toilets in the nicer hotels now. I imagine they will soon be a fond memory. Can't wait to explore the medina and souks. will be here for another night before heading to Essouira, on the coast.
Keyboard makes typing very timeconsuming andf error prone. Internationalization of all internet products is^n't helping much, either; web mail and blogger default to the local language __ either french or arabic. Navigating by memory and guesses. Plenty of time during this brief one day break to post more updates, and pics for families.

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Anonymous said...

Sharif don't like it ! Any bedouins with electric camel drums ?

Saying a prayer to the gods of vulcanization for spare tires