Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Photo essay of a breakdown

You've heard the story before, and now you've got some pictures to go with it.

First, the bus stopped working.

Then, these local guys came along ( and you ask yourself, 'can there be a hoodie without a hood?'). These guys were unbelievably friendly and helpful, sticking around with us for hours and doing everything they could to keep our spirits up and the bus running.

Then a passing semi stopped for a while and tried to help out, too. This guy was hauling a large load of small rocks. In the desert!

'So, Scott, what's my motivation in this scene? Do I actually fix the thing, or just look like I'm trying to get it working? Union regs say we get a break now, you know.'

A couple hours later, the cavalry arrived. This is either an outing of the society of mad max recreations or the moroccan chapter of burning man.

Then we all stood around looking pensive and contemplative.

Or just stood around eating and talking.

The master mechanics at work on the engine.

It ain't nothing but a street party!

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