Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A long over due post about our tire saviors, Kate and Rashid. Upon arriving in Marrakech we checked our email to see that Kate had sent us a note that Rashid had actually found our 8R19.5 tires in Casa! A very excted team mobilized to figure out how to get the tires to Marrakech.

After a few calls, Kate and Rashid offered to bring the tires directly to Marrakech - going well beyond gracious, they were on the road that evening. Upon arrival we unloaded what had seemed almost impossible to find - three new 8R19.5 tires. Rashid had found them at a tire shop. The owner had apparently bought a huge shipping container full of tires a long time ago, and these were in there. Brand new, but at least ten years old! That night we went into Marrakech to celebrate with a nice dinner in the main square - complete with shish kabobs, eggplant, and tea - all in the open air.

The next day, we brough the tires to a shop and found they fit the rims, but were somehow different than the old tires. No worries, with a little olive oil soap and some Morrocan ingenuity, we were on the road in a few hours. We bid Kate and Rashid adieu, as they had to get back to Casa. The whole team is so grateful for their help - again above and beyond the call of duty, and just one more indication of how nice and hospitable the people of Morocco have been during our entire trip. Cheers to Kate and Rashid!

Sorry about the picture, but I cant get it to rotate properly

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NassT said...

Ah good old olive oil. I have an uncle who if you said you had a sprain ankle he'd tell you to put some olive oil on it. Now add some zaatar and some bread and you've got yourself a tasty snack.