Friday, February 16, 2007

Down and Out in Dakhla

The Ottoman Empire has officially given up, and Thomas is beyond repair. As of noon today, Thomas bought a one way ticket to the great bus station in the sky, or wherever buses go when they exceed their utility. Apparently, one suh place may be the campground down the street, and the Yanks collectively are moving faster and more definitively than we have in weeks. Current focus is also on our evacuation strategy. Apprently, it is quite easy, for a price, to get from here to the Mauritanian side of the Senegalese border. it's a whole different story from there, and we are still trying to determine if we can do it with the bikes that we have been entrusted to deliver.

Though not without hope, and definitely not without options, things seem decidedly bleak despite the shining sun and beautiful weather. Though, we are still all thankful that we are in a safe comfortable place, and individually gearing up for an adventure of a different sort. maybe riding the bikes to Senegal isn't a bad idea after all. More news as it breaks...but we are fine, mostly well, and planning how we might pick the bus up and finish next year.

jenna and the Yanks

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