Wednesday, February 28, 2007

4EX ain't what you think

There was some discussion during our rest over period in Dakar about the expenses of our trip. We were fairly confident that the trip would have been a whole lot cheaper a year or two ago, based simply on the stronger dollar then.
Well, I did the research. It turns out that the exchange rate between dollars and Euros hasn't changed all that much over the last two years. Based on my rather slipshod math, it appears that the same trip a year ago would have saved us about 10% of the cost. That's real money, I know - but it's not the halfing that we thought it would be.
Do the math yourself, if you want. Here's the table I looked at.
After all that, I realized that euro to dollar might be easier for some of us.
Here's all the numbers, inverted for your pleasure. ( I think the math works).

Here's the main page of the site:
you can run comparisons on the Moroccan Dirham or the CFA yourself, thank you very much.

BTW, I'm going to get seriously PO'ed if I'm the only yank posting in the future. You better be careful, or I won't invite you to my goat stew brunch.

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