Thursday, January 11, 2007

Two Weeks and Counting

Not to coopt Jay's post of yesterday, but I had been checking the blog intermittently over the past few weeks - sort of dismayed that there were no posts, but too busy to change that myself.

I think we all feel like we did a few weeks before the bus left. A little frazzled with the amount of things to do (shots, visas, gear, what-ifs, why nots?, how do you say "which road goes to Agadir" in French again?). I'm sure it will go just like it did in the fews days before we dropped our chariot off in Baltimore. We will prepare everything we can, then after that...we get on a plane and go! I think we have all comtemplated the delicate balance between being prepared to adequetely deal with the ultimate goal - which is getting the bus to Gambia, and not over preparing to kill the spirit of this crazy adventure.

Kara and I have an added layer to the process - making sure we have our ducks in a row in terms of camera gear. I just returned from a four day trip to Oregon to film for a local production company which afforded me the luxury of a test run of sorts of flying with my gear. 9/11+travelling with large cases full of electronic equipment = lots of red tape before boarding a plane. Things worked out pretty well though and we have a sense of what to expect in getting to London, and getting home from Dakar.

Now if I can just wrangle the rest of the team to do pre-trip interviews before the 25th....hint, hint...

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