Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Leaving Carhaix

Had the absolutely best time over the last day. too much to tell right now. leaving for bordeux and then off to spain.
Loaded down with bikes, wheelchairs and other things destined for Senegal.
Our hosts here have been fantastique. The hospitality has been tremendous. Will write much more later. We are on Brittany TV right now.

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Anonymous said...

and here I thought the French hated Americans. Maybe that is just Parisians. Must have been interesting having bunches of people saying things to you that you couldn't understand. Not like choogling around SA is it, Jay? Try your Japanese! Try Portuguese, that might work. But pretty soon you will be where you can understand everyone. Are there more Spanish speakers on the bus? OK, this is beginning to sound like a Jackson Browne song.