Sunday, January 28, 2007

Beer Glasses by the pound

England has a lot of beer options. I find it amazing that most bars (or pubs) have a separate glass for each beer, with the beer's name. That's a lot of glassware.
London has been a LOT of fun, although way too expensive for our budget. And here, I thought New York was ridiculous.

A very special penitent yankish thank you goes out to Freddy for being a consummate host for half the team on Saturday night. We had a great time, and it was great for me to spend some time with an old friend. Thanks, Freddy!

Thanks to Bill and Desmond for taking the second half of the team out clubbing. I hear it was quite an experience.

We had a Notting Hill moment at Bill and Desmond's flat during the evening.
In the garden:
"Nobody says whoopsiedaisy. Only little girls with blond ringlets, and even then, not since the '70s."
Those private gardens are real, my friend.

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