Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Track me

Did anyone else read this post on the yahoo group? I'm going to try and set up something for us to place our waypoints (do we have any yet?)
I'll keep you posted on developments.
PS - what's the copyright issues with posting from a post? The vienna-banjul guys have set up something pretty cool.
Does anyone know how to link to a you tube video from a web-site?

Hi,because I wanted to be able to display a map on our team website( which shows we currentlyare, I've implemented an email -> google map service (sms works to ifyou read on).I figured that maybe others want to put a google map ( with their route progess on their homepage as well,so I've created a little website for all of you. (pronounced like trackme @)It's not finished yet, but it already works. You can currently addand edit waypoints over the website (which is a little cumbersome)and you can add waypoints by sending an email to a special address,which generates for you (read more about that at can also easily put the google map with your route on your ownhomepage by just copy and pasting the provided html code (it's a oneliner) on your map page at you may wonder how you should send emails from the desert (myphone actually does that, but yours might not)?Daniel Lakey from iroll told me about an sms2email gateway with a UKphone number, which you can use to add waypoints with a descriptionyour google map (if just tested it) send an sms to +447747782320 in the following format:secretaddress@... label;latitude;longitude;description textan example would be:secretaddress@... Banjul;13.459;-16.600;Let's party in Banjul!(replace secretaddress with the address generates for you)lg philipp (Team MKL:Graz)ps: please give me feedback if everything works for you - I hackedthis together during 3 nights, so there might be some bugs ;-)



speaking of foreign language, whatever Jay has posted here has me utterly confused!

Jay said...

Basically, the trackat site would let us create a "route" on a google map and then create waypoints through email or a phone along the route.
A waypoint is much like a virtual stick in the ground, or milestone -- a place that one is trying to get to. They're used in ocean navigation and, I can only assume, rally navigation.
And anyways, waypoints aren't even the point - I wanted to create a google map on our site that shows where we're going, and the route that we're taking. You can zoom in now on the whole world through google - the images of the African coast are pretty wild. Check out where you can (and more importantly, where you can't) see the roads snaking along.