Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Polariod Pictures

I contacted someone in Polaroid's media department today about getting some polaroid film donated for the trip. Both Ed and I (and I assume Mike) had singular, and similar, experiences with our respective polaroids on our trips into remote areas.
When I was traveling down the amazon (lo these many years ago), people would constantly ask us to take their picture with the polaroid and give it to them as keepsakes. I don't know how the news traveled, but travel it did. People would show up whenever we were at dock, sometimes bringing their entire families in tow, to have a picture taken. I realized, talking to some of them, that they'd never seen themselves in a photo before, and many of them had no family photos.
It would be great if we could take pictures of people in some of the more remote areas where we're traveling. I know that some cultures have issues with picture taking, so we'll have to be somewhat careful and get a person's approval.
There's something magical about the way a photograph slowly materializes on the film, too. It's so much fun to watch people's expressions change as the image develops.
Here's hoping that the company comes through for us.



I think that is a nice idea -- Scott and I, I imagine, will often be dealing with issues of filming folks so I think we'll already be "taking the temperature" of the folks we run into re: being on camera. In Kenya, this would be a big hit, even in Urban areas...K

Jay said...

Polaroid got back in touch with us and said no to the request. Looks like we're going to have to fund this ourselves, or find a local film place to make the donation.
Any ideas?