Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Fund Raiser

We held our first, and perhaps only, fund raiser on Thursday night. It was a great night - a night full of friends, family, fun and filanthropy. We raised a ton of money for our charities (thank you very much to everyone who gave) and got a bunch of people to sign the bus (what a great idea, huh?).
The Daschles opened their home to us for the event. It was an incredibly kind and generous thing for them to do. They are wonderful people, full of warmth and kindness.

Surprisingly, this event was also the first time the whole team was together in one place, and the first time we all met, face to face. Here's a picture to commemorate the event.

The group, from left to right: Barton Brooks, Tom Daschle, Mike Weber, Linda Daschle, Eddie Fox, Jenna Cragan, Kara Suter, Amanda Greene, Jay Greene and Scott DeGraw.

It was great to see everyone who came out. Thanks again.

Other shots from the evening:
Here's a picture of me coming out of our vehicle of honor.

Here's a picture of Ed, talking to Emily (a PDC veteran) and Nick (one of the other challenge-takers? seekers? competitors? on our heat, and a member of one of the other US teams).

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