Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bench Building, Part 2

We spent the day finishing up the benches and catching up.
Here are some pictures of the now experienced carpenters, making measurements and knocking some wood together. I pity the fools who will be riding in the back.

"Hey, from up here, it looks great! I think we're done. It's miller time!"

The more screws, the better. (Notice the how straight and plumb the lines are.)

Every project needs its supervisors.
"So this is where I think we should write, 'If found, please return to...'"

"What are we doing, again? Benches? We don't need no stinking benches."

The view in the morning.

The view in the afternoon.

The other side.
There's a top on this now. Really. It looks great.

"No, you missed my point. I think we should bolt some deck chairs up here, and be done with the whole thing. No. Right here! On the roof. What do you mean, dangerous. This is going to be great! Oh, come on. Just keep your mouth closed, you'll be fine."

Found in the digital camera. It may not be the three proverbial monkeys, but this triptych is trying to say something.

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